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2022-03-12 05:58:28 By : Mr. Thomas Peng

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By H. Parvez on Feb 18, 2022 - Devices, Reviews

We are bringing to you the best wired headphones for running around, jogging, and workout. When thinking about the best workout headphones, there are some really important features we cannot overlook that we will discuss here. Now, there are good wireless options available too, but in this article, we will discuss the best wired headphones for jogging, or workout.

So, what makes a pair the best workout headsets when it comes to running or any other physical activity? Well, the list can go on and on for different people, based on their personal bias or subjective preferences. But what good is a headphone for running or any other vigorous physical activity if it bounces off on the slightest of body shaking? So, do we prefer a headphone with a better grip and better design? But then again, if the grip is too rough, too loose, or too tight, that can lead to irritation or even severe skin burn. The headphones also need to make your music sound good, especially with a huge amount of bass. Only then can you fully focus on their workout and make your physical performance better. Now, how do we find the best balance of performance, comfort, ease of use, and how do we make our purchase decision? By comparison!

In this article, we have brought up to you some of the best wired headphones for running and given an analysis of each of them to make your comparison process easier. So, by the end of this quick read, you will have made a purchase decision that fits your preferences and performs well for your subjective use.

We are starting our list off with one of the most premium-looking headphones out there, the Philips SHP6000, with HiFi Stereo, Deep bass, and High-Resolution Audio. This headphone puts together a really satisfying index of features. It houses in some really good sound quality along with superior comfort.

The high-resolution audio technology makes it possible for the headphone to play audio with the best performance. One can even reproduce original studio master recordings more faithfully than 16bit/44.1kHz CD formats. It also has strong bass speakers, which makes it a good choice when it comes to headphones for running or jogging. The design is also sleek, with a shiny black finish to add to the style component.

The headphone also has self-adjustable Floating Cushions for the comfort of the user over long listening times. The sturdy and lightweight design also makes it an article of choice when it comes to workout headphones.

With all the features mashed into a single unit, this headset stands out as just the right thing to wear while taking a run outside or working out in the gym.

The ergonomic design and the use of premium quality material overall make it a very comfortable device to use for listening purposes. With the superior quality of music, fully cushioned headband, super bass, and over 3 meters of cable length, this device is an optimum choice for exercise purposes.

If you are looking for a headphone to use while going running or jogging in the park, this device will not disappoint you. Equipped with perfect sound quality and really stylish looks, this headphone is something worthy of investment. The durable build quality with soft foam covered overall really ensures superior comfort while using and long-lasting good health. This device will serve its purpose, and it will stay with you for a long time, in excellent condition.

Second, on our list of best wired headphones for running is the JLab Studio Pro. With its large speakers, C3 sound technology, Nylon Braided Tangle-free cord, and Form-fit ear cups, it houses a package of features for anyone looking for sleek-looking and very comfortable headphones for running or traveling.

The headphones feature the C3 Sound technology. Studio Pro Over-Ear Headphones pack a punch with the 40 mm neodymium drivers and C3 (Crystal Clear Clarity) Technology. So, you will really feel immersed into the vibrant highs, mids, and pumping bass, perfect for an intense session of workout, running, or jogging.

The form fit and feather-light ear cups, ergonomically shaped to the natural outline of the ear, along with the smooth-sliding metal adjustments, make the headphones fit well and cancel out stray noise. So, if you are planning on traveling to some distant place, these headphones will block out all the stray vehicle noise for you to enjoy some superior quality music.

And you are always in total control of the device too. Yes, along with all the other features, this device has a built-in button for easy-to-go use. You can answer your calls, play, pause, and change the tracks too.

The use of powerful 40 mm neodymium drivers really packs a punch into that extra bass power. A perfect piece of technology for working out or physical exercise. The sturdy and flexible headband ensures that the headphone does not fall off during intensive sessions. The quick controllable action also makes it a handy instrument, perfect for on-the-go music.

Third on our list is the Beats EP wired On-Ear Headphones. This is a lightweight, durable, and minimally designed headphone that flaunts its premium looks. It houses a masterfully tuned sound quality and a reliable quality. The headband, along with the earcups, is built with premium quality padding to provide superior comfort during listening. The frame is reinforced by stainless steel, and the use of adjustable vertical sliders allows for personalized comfort.

These best wired headphones for running flaunts the Beats ‘b’ logo in a minimalistic fashion. The design and overall build are also cleverly made catchy and minimal. So, if you want to flex a Beats logo at an affordable price, Beats EP is the option you are going with.

The headphones also have controls to enable various functions. And an inbuilt microphone to make calling possible. So, you will no longer have to worry about carrying a secondary headset for calling or bother about unplugging the headphone just to answer a call. Although, the controls are not as good for Android as they are for iOS. Android users won’t be able to skip to the next song using the inbuilt headphone controls.

Overall, this headphone serves its purpose well and comes with a lot of amazing features that make it a good choice for jogging, workout, or traveling.

The headphone has a fairly decent clamping force and will remain on your head even while you are doing some physical activity. The Beats EP has a balanced bass, unlike the other Beats products or wired headphones in general. You don’t have to worry about facing deafeningly loud bass while enjoying music. There is one minor setback, though, the ear cups are not foldable, which means when packing the headphones, you have to be extra careful not to pack them under heavy things. The overall music quality is really good, and this premium-looking headphone serves the value for its cost well.

Next comes the Sony MDR-ZX310AP. Sony definitely needs no introduction for anyone even remotely associated with the acoustic industry. The MDR ZX series has become quite popular as a low-budget Sony headphone option for a lot of people now. This headphone flaunts the Sony looks and the Sony logo on its ear cups, along with the shiny black finishing. This headphone comes with a perfect combination of features to use during a workout, jogging, or running session.

The large 30 mm dome-type driver units coupled with ferrite magnets accurately reproduce a broad and dynamic range of frequency. This makes up for a very clear sound and really powerful bass capability, perfect for increasing performance in a gym. The Y-type cord design helps reduce the chances of tangles, while the 4 - conductor gold plated, L - shaped plug ensures a good connection.

So, this device is an optimum choice for running, jogging, and workout sessions, especially if you are a bit tight on budget but want premium-looking best headphones for running and workouts. It does the job well, even though we might not say these are the best headphones Sony has created or is available out there.

Sony MDR-ZX310APis a really well-designed headphone. The presence of an inbuilt microphone eases a lot of trouble. You never have to worry about not having a mic in your headphone. The headphone is also really lightweight. This might also come because of having no padding on the headband, which is not too hard either. It is plastic built. The ear cups are foldable, which adds to the portability of the device.

Along with that, the earcups are wrapped with soft padding that provides comfort and good soundproofing. You won’t hear stray noises while you are plugged in. It will not disappoint you over long sessions. It also has a powerful bass, which can sometimes get in the way of having a clear sound. But if you are someone who prefers bass power along with decent sound clarity, this is the choice for you. This headphone is clearly one of the best choices for low-budget headphone options out there.

The JLab Neon comes in three different shades and is designed with a really stylish outlook. But the best part is probably the mushing together of some superb features. The headphone houses a 40 mm neodymium driver. So you can expect it to really pack a punch. The plush circular features with the headphones fit perfectly on your ears. This helps to provide a super comfortable listening experience which eventually makes you can use it all day. These best wired headphones for running have an easily adjustable headband that allows you to get the perfect fit for a comfortable experience. The headband is also crafted with quality plush leather material. This focus on keeping the padding quality good also makes it soundproof and adds to the experience of intense music sessions.

Along with comfort, this headphone also has a braided nylon cord equipped with an in-line mic for taking calls, firing up your music, pausing, and controlling the tracks on your mix. So excellent control with lesser hassle.

With good music quality, audio controls, tangle-free cord, and great comfort, this headphone puts it all in one place for you, also making it an exceptional choice for a workout session or going for a run.

This headphone provides good quality music and comfort over extended listening hours. The design is good, and the controls are very simple. It is an easy-to-operate device with an inbuilt mic. This makes on the go calling possible. Apart from that, the 40 mm neodymium drivers really boost the bass power of the headphone. With this headphone at the max output, the intensity of the music will help you transcend to another space. This is a fantastic choice when it comes to jogging, running, or even intense workout sessions at the gym. The music quality and the comfort that it provides will not disappoint you.

Sennheiser is turning over stones with its state-of-the-art technology and focusing on detail in all of its products. And Sennheiser H.D. 560S is no less than a crown jewel of their wired headphone catalog. The device flaunts premium quality in all of its features, be it music, ergonomics, or comfort. But you have to be careful when choosing this headset, for even though it might be the best in everything, it still might not focus on a feature you like the most. And with a good price tag, even a little bit of disappointment would not be a very fun thing.

The Sennheiser H.D. 560S is tailored for extended listening sessions and smooth gratifying bass performance. It is crafted for audiophiles and analytical audio enthusiasts. The concerned set of H.D. 560S transducers is specifically and promisingly tuned for top-notch accuracy. It thus offers reliable A/B comparisons of components that mix, and media formats. The fact that the corresponding frequency range is honest makes it more efficient. Also complemented by smooth and deep bass extension, which significantly reveals what the nearfield loudspeakers often struggle to reproduce, is something worth noting.

These best wired headphones for running also bag an open-back design that provides the natural propagation of sound waves. The E.A.R. (abbreviating to Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement) angled driver alignment is meant to recreate the optimal triangular listening position. This combination creates a wide, articulate sound stage without the need for room treatment, letting you hear the neutral version of your music. The one which is entirely unaffected by all the artifacts that sit within a confined space.

Overall, whether you are grading a modern-age hi-resolution master mix or revisiting a vintage audiophile track, the H.D. 560S offers a fatigue-free listen that you can depend on. And if you simply want to use it for a better day-to-day audio experience in the gym or during your early morning jogging sessions, it’s a match for you!

This device flaunts its premium quality and ergonomic design. And like Sennheiser’s claim, the clamping force of the headband is ‘nearly there, which means you don’t have to worry about this falling off of your head while you are running or jogging. The earcups are also ergonomically designed to swivel just enough to cover your ears properly. The EAR (Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement) angled driver alignment that recreates a studio sound experience, which, although a gym enthusiast might find not so thrilling because it comes at the cost of the bass performance power.

So, yes, this device is for people who really love their music with a real-life-like linear audio quality. It looks premium, and the earcup padding is made of premium quality material. With all of these features, your music experience over long durations will be fatigue-free and gratifying.

ATH M20X headphone comes with the premium looks that all the other more priced models of the series have. It has an amazing array of features for first-time recordists, podcasters, home studio setups, or casual listening. The device features advanced build quality and robust engineering, designed for studio tracking and mixing. So, if you want to create studio-quality audio and don’t want to burn a hole in your pockets over a headphone, this is it. The device features 40mm drivers along with copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils. The device audio response is tuned for enhanced low-frequency performance. It appeals to listeners who want more solid bass without having to sacrifice the overall response.

The headphone ear cups offer a circumaural design that contours around the ears for excellent sound isolation in loud environments. The ear cup swivels 15 degrees to ensure a comfortable fit. And one of the ear cups can be folded outside fully for one ear DJ-style monitoring.

The affordable price point puts ATH M20X is a good spot as a tracking headphone for studio sessions. So, such an amazing performance is definitely overkilling for casual usages like workouts or early morning running sessions.

This device comes with a brand logo featured on the ear cups as glossy black against the matte plastic. The build quality is sturdy but feels a bit off when compared to the higher-priced headphones in the series. Though the clamping power of the padded headband is good and compensates for the exhaustion that may be caused over extended hours of listening. The ear cups are vinyl-covered, which can make you feel rather uncomfortable after a long duration of listening time. The noise isolation is decent, and the audio response is really amazing. You won’t miss any notes while you are monitoring any piece of music using these headphones. If you are looking for really good music quality for casual use like workouts or running, this headphone does the job really well.

JBL, a name that needs no introduction, has provided a bunch of on-the-go features for the JBL Tune 500. With a budget price point, JBL Tune 500 comes with a 32 mm dynamic driver set. A decent transducer for decent music quality. Along with that, it is equipped with JBL Pure Bass sound too, which ensures a gratifying bass experience. The build is lightweight and foldable, which makes the device more portable. The earcups and headband are padded with soft cushions for extra comfort over long hours of listening time.

The device comes with an inbuilt microphone and a long tangle-free cord. So, on the go, calling is not an issue with these headphones. The cord also houses a button for easy control over calling and music track navigation.

This headphone makes up for a perfect choice if you want premium looks at budgeted prices. It appeals to people for casual usage, especially if they want an enhanced experience in running, jogging, or gym sessions.

JBL Tune 500 provides really good quality at a very good price point. The sound quality is enriched, and the bass performance is decent and deep. The headphone also looks very classy with their minimal and ergonomic design. The earcups can swivel around to fit more comfortably around the ears. The good frequency response ensures that all your music will come to you in true form without any missing notes. Overall, it is an excellent choice for a budgeted price as the best wired headphones for running and workouts.

Build quality: A headphone that is ideal for running should be of sturdy build quality. It is preferred if there is an IPX5 water resistance rating to resist sweat from a workout session. The clamping force of the headband should also be reasonable so that it doesn’t fall off with the slightest shake of your body. And overall build should be good because good build quality ensures that your device has a long life and keeps you comfortable during use. So, choose a better build over a better quality if the choices are slim.

Comfort: You must consider what kind of material will be in constant contact with your skin over extended hours of use. So, look out for the cushioning material very carefully when choosing a headset. 

Connectivity: For a wired headset, it is very important that the cord length is good. This would increase the portability, but if the quality of the cord is not good, it could also add to the hassle. It is better to always prefer headphones with detachable cords because those can be replaced quickly if they malfunction after a while. But if the cord is permanent, it’s oftentimes better to get a new headphone than to fix a broken cord.

With that, we have explored all the excellent options of wired headphones for running, jogging, and workout. The diversity in the choices was set from good music quality to good build quality and from the most premium options to the most budgeted ones. If you have read through the whole of the article, we believe you will feel more informed and ready to make a better choice for your preferred experience and price range.

Yes, Sennheiser has been setting out an example of quality and premium features with its products. It is a very reputed brand name in the acoustic industry and often tops the list of the best audio devices in every segment there is in the market.

This question is very subjective, and there is no right answer to it. If you are tight on budget and want a headphone that does the job well, JBL TUNE 500 is a very good choice. If you are tight on budget but want a headphone capable of studio-level monitoring, Audio Technica ATH-M20X is the choice you want to make. If you want a headphone with all the premium features and music quality that satisfies your connoisseur preferences without having to make a lot of sacrifices, then Sennheiser HD 560 S is just the thing you are looking for.

February 18th, 2022 Updated on March 1st, 2022

February 18th, 2022 Updated on March 1st, 2022

February 18th, 2022 Updated on March 1st, 2022

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