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Eco-friendly acoustic panels from Output and De-Fi  ·  Source: Output

Ready to give your room a stylish and eco-friendly acoustic makeover? Output has partnered with De-Fi to create a new line of absorbers, bass traps and diffusers that you can mix and match to improve your room acoustics. Various sizes and colors are available, so you can put together a customized solution for your room.

Acoustic panels weren’t exactly something we were expecting from Output, as the company is mostly known for its effect plug-ins and virtual instruments. But they’ve already proven that they care about your workplace, too, when they introduced the Frontier monitor speakers, Platform studio desk and Sidecar rack. Now Output has partnered with De-Fi and created a line-up of absorbers, bass traps and diffusers designed to help you improve your listening environment.

According to Output, the PET felt panels used in the absorbers and bass traps are made from post-consumer recycled materials. Which means that they don’t just improve your acoustics, but also help to reduce plastic waste. Output says that the air gap and perforations are designed to achieve similar RT60 values as much thicker wall-mounted materials, which helps to reduce unwanted reflections and low frequency buildups.

The absorbers consist of PET felt panels mounted to wooden bases. The standard models come with three panels, but you can opt for double-wide variants that use six panels instead of three. One pack includes four mount sets and either 12 (single width) or 24 (double width) panels. Extra panels are also available, which can be used to double the thickness of the material. Absorbers are available in Charcoal, Granite and Sunset colors.

The corner-mounted bass traps use the same panels, but employ additional acoustic membranes designed to trap lower frequencies. These are available in the same colors as the absorbers and come in sets of two.

The hardwood diffusers are tuned for mid-range frequencies ranging from 847 to 3400 Hz. These are available in Natural, Kodiak Brown and Driftwood Grey finishes.

The Output acoustic panels are now available to order. Absorbers are USD 449 per pack of four for the single width models and USD 649 for double width. With the extra add-on panels for double thickness, the prices are USD 649 (single width) or USD 1048 (double width). One set of two bass traps is USD 449. Depending on the color, the diffusers are USD 449 or USD 499 apiece.

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