WPC sound-absorbing panel indoor special wall panel

Product Name WPC sound-absorbing panel indoor special wall panelMain Materials PVC,Wood, Calcium Carbon and other materialsUsual SpecificationLength: customized size, such as 9ft(2.75m), 12ft(3.66m), 3.95m, 5.6m, 5.8mWidth: 180mm,

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WPC Sound-Absorbing Panel Indoor Special Wall Panel

WPC Sound-Absorbing Panel Indoor Special Wall Panel

Product Name
WPC sound-absorbing panel indoor special wall panel

Main Materials
PVC,Wood, Calcium Carbon and other materials
Usual SpecificationLength: customized size, 
such as 9ft(2.75m), 12ft(3.66m), 3.95m, 5.6m, 5.8m
Width: 180mm, 200mm, 240mm, 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 600mm or customized
Thickness: 7mm to 10mm or customized
Surface EffectPure white, normal glossy, High glossy,
 Matt, Gleam, Roller coating and so on

Surface Treatment
Printing, Hot stamping, Laminated
AdvantageHigh cost performance, High intensity, Heat insulation,
 flame resistant, corrode resistant, age resistant, no aspiration, 
easy cleaning, easy installing, etc

Carton, etc

Delivery Time
Within15 days after receiving the deposit

ApplicationHotels, commercial building, hospital, schools, 
home kitchen, bathroom, indoor decoration and so on
WPC Sound-Absorbing Panel Indoor Special Wall Panel
WPC Sound-Absorbing Panel Indoor Special Wall Panel
WPC Sound-Absorbing Panel Indoor Special Wall Panel

Applicable to places that require both wood decoration and warming effect, and acoustic requirements.

Scope of application
Sound quality construction of studio, recording studio, listening room, rehearsal field and other professional spaces;

 Theater, theater, indoor stadium, song and dance hall, KTV room and other performances, entertainment building decoration sound effect construction;

Conference room, office building, hall, hotel and other sound-absorbing secret construction;

Sound absorption and noise reduction construction of airports, railways, public stations, workshops, workshops; applicable fields

 Various types of walls, ceilings, partition walls
WPC Sound-Absorbing Panel Indoor Special Wall Panel

WPC Sound-Absorbing Panel Indoor Special Wall Panel

Three common methods for installing wooden acoustic panels
 First, the keel hoisting method: This is a commonly used method. Generally, the keel position is designed and arranged according to the overall requirements of the room and the specifications of the wooden sound-absorbing board used. First install the light steel keel, then hang the T-shaped paint keel in order to form a quick grid on the entire ceiling, and finally install the entire wooden sound-absorbing panel on the paint keel according to different opening methods of the bright and dark frame. In the corner of the room, it may be cut to the designed size for installation and fixation because of the use of wooden sound-absorbing panels.
WPC Sound-Absorbing Panel Indoor Special Wall Panel

Second, the screw fixing method: This method is a relatively awkward method used in the earliest installation. The main keel is laid out and installed in the room first, and then the wooden sound-absorbing panel is installed with the screw fixing method. First place the plastic torus in the center and fix it on the keel with screws, then dock the wooden sound-absorbing board. At the diagonal points of the four-speed sound-absorbing board, the plastic torus and screws are also fixed to the keel. This fixation method is more troublesome, and after the overall installation, it is not very beautiful, and it has been basically eliminated.
Third, the surface paste method: In some places where home decoration or ceiling modeling is required, we often use this method, using a special paste board, can do some split-layer modeling, so that the overall ceiling is more three-dimensional and beautiful. In general installation, a layer of gypsum board will be hoisted on the ceiling, and then glued on the back and four corners of the wooden sound-absorbing board, directly pasted on the gypsum board, and will be reinforced with gun nails. Note that the use of gun nails only increases the fixation fastness of the wooden sound-absorbing board. It is suitable for sound-absorbing boards with holes on the surface. If the surface treatment requirements of the sound-absorbing board are high, it is not appropriate to use gun nails for reinforcement.
WPC Sound-Absorbing Panel Indoor Special Wall Panel

Why choose us?
Qingwei international trading co.,ltd. was founded in 2017, born out of the scarcity of natural resources and gave birth to a sense of mission to protect the ecological environment and benefit the society, With the organic combination of science and nature, it constantly researched and developed new materials and technologies for ecological buildings and reduced green resources waste, protect the environment, and lead the globale high-end eco-material industry.
We have our own factory, the factory was founded in 2008, is a manufacturer specialized in WPC products, interior decoration, integrated building, landscape engineering etc..The factory located in China logistics city-Linyi . covers an area of 100 acres, with more than 400 employees.
The company has advanced production equipment and technology, more than 100 production lines, has been through a number of certification of the inspection . Company continue to invest in research and develoment, established WPC and outdoor integrated building materials research and development center, has become the fastest growing enterprise in WPC industry.
Company annual production of 30 thousand Tons in WPC products, is one of the large domestic WPC products manufacturers. Products sell well in the domestic market and all over the world, won the praise of customers.
WPC Sound-Absorbing Panel Indoor Special Wall Panel

Qingwei international trading has 8 major product series:outdoor co-extrusion series, integrated wall panel sereis,wall panel ancillary line series,great wall panel series,wall board series,hollow square timber tube series,composite ceiling panel series and acoustic board series  etc., which can be applied to exterior wall decoration, interior decoration bathroom decoration, garden landscape And other projects. With its high quality performance, it has been widely used in construction, home, shipbuilding, aviation, logistics and other fields.
WPC Sound-Absorbing Panel Indoor Special Wall Panel

Qingwei international trading ecological wood products are connected with a smal amount of plastic components, which can effectively remove the blockage of natural wood, and has new functions of waterproofing, fireproofing, termite resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. The surface is smooth and can be used directly without painting. The most important thing is that the main ingredient of this product is wood, broken wood and slag wood,, which almost completely preserves the natural material sense of wood. The texture is the same as that of solid wood, and it can be nailed and twisted. It can be created, painted and flexural. Very strong, no deformation, no turtle, no stains, mildew. It can be painted without sanding or polishing. The processing cost is very low and the installation is convenient.
"Ecology, environmental protection, health, science and technology" is the pioneer of the enterprise, the company has always followed the pace of the times, so that life and embrace the green, human and ecological coexistence. Our purpose is environmental friendly, natural, health. Enjoy your healthy life!
WPC Sound-Absorbing Panel Indoor Special Wall Panel


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Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ? 

A: We are manufacturer.

Q: What is the proportion of wood and plastic in your product?
A: The proportion of wood and plastic varies across different product types. The wall panel is content of Wood, PVC, additives.

Q: What type of plastic do you use?
A: For WPC wall panel, we use Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) + Wood for its strength, durability and temperature resistance. We no use the recycle plastic for WPC wall panel.

Q: How long does it last?
A: Service life is 15-25 years.

Q: Whether the product has flame retardant function?
A: Yes, China testing agency has determined that our products have flame retardant function, match the hard burning material B2

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